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Stracciata Molisana

The Stracciata is a local cheese, this refined and tasty thread of mozzarella from the flattened shape and smooth, folded back on itself in a uniform manner, and is individually hand-forged in our cheese factory with the same ancient technique ever. This is why each shape is different, it is the absolute creature of a manual process that is passed down from generations of cheesemakers. It is the precious and elegant result of an act of creation.

The raw material is simply the raw cow's milk, which comes exclusively from the pasture of Molise, and to bring out the unique taste and texture, we recommend to leave them at room temperature for an hour before eating.


Pasteurized cow's milk, milk enzymes, salt, rennet, acidity regulator E 330.


The materials used for the packaging the product are suitable for contact with foods. Our packaging have been designed to be packaged in a hermetically sealed manner various types of products, using a film of plastic material celluloso. All our trays, are also suitable for food material.

Our stracciata  is packaged in 1kg or 3kg box , vacuum controlled atmosphere or in liquid.


Store at temperatures between + 1 ° and + 4 ° C Shelf life: 10 days

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