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Truffle Ricotta cheese

The high humidity of our ricotta makes it extremely soft on the palate. It is free of crust and consequently there is a little difference between the inside and the outside. Our ricotta has a short life on the shelves, but a milky, sweet flavor with a very low fat.
Soft, crumbly spreadable, creamy ricotta was at his best when accompanied by white wines or moved by a good cider.
The truffle used in our cheese is the main protagonist of our region, Molise, considering that about 50% of the national production of this precious and fragrant tuber is precisely Molise, our ricotta cheese with truffles is the essence of a perfect combination, the result of a cultural and gastronomic journey rooted in the most ancient traditions of our Molise.




Pasteurized cow's milk, milk enzymes, salt, rennet, acidity regulator E 330


The materials used for the packaging are suitable for contact with foods. Our packaging have been designed to be packaged in a hermetically sealed manner various types of products, using a film of plastic material. All our boxes, are also suitable for food material.
Our ricotta cheese is packaged in boxes of 1kg or 3kg, vacuum controlled atmosphere.


Store at temperatures between + 1 ° and + 4 ° C Shelf life: 15 days.


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