Truffle Ricotta cheese

The term "Ricotta" derives from the Latin "recoctus" that is "baked twice", indicating the characteristic of  technology used to produce this dairy product: the ricotta we obtain by heating the whey residue from the process that has already undergone a cooking for the production of mozzarella. Not coming directly from milk but from the serum of cheese making and not being the coagulation of proteins due to the rennet, the cheese can not fall back into the picture definition of cheese, and is therefore described generically as dairy product.


Pasteurized cow's milk, milk enzymes, salt, rennet, acidity regulator E 330


The materials used for the packaging are suitable for contact with foods. Our packaging have been designed to be packaged in a hermetically sealed manner various types of products, using a film of plastic material celluloso. All our boxes, are also suitable for food material.


Biancospino SanFrancesco Ricotta
Biancospino SanFrancesco Ricotta


Store at temperatures between + 1 ° and + 4 ° C Shelf life: 10 days

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