Eighty year of history.

"The smell of the milk is the experience of our family. The scent that marked our childhood and our old age; is the stability that has guided our destinies and that has eased the biggest failings. The scent from which we can not feel abandoned, identity in which we recognize ourselves, always. The smell of family and imperfection, where we return again to feel at home."



The art of cheesemaking is born with my great-grandfather in the 30's, in a region where the pastoralism were for centuries the main activity of many families. The original lab grows and changes, being able to give an important message, the artisanal excellence with the size of industrial production. Over the years specializing in mozzarella cheese specific for HO.RE.CA. They are reinvented recipes and innovation become the main protagonist, combining carefully selected raw materials. The experience and the love for quality, passed down through generations, give birth today, to several production lines; daughters and undisputed queens of a love long 80 years.


The Company

The history of our mozzarella is deeply rooted in the territory of Molise, always well known for the exellent quality of milk. My family through several generations, has always personally managed the business, making it innovative, and always keeping intact the respect for traditions and for the territory.
My great grandfather Domenico began to deal with milk in the early thirties; quickly pull up a craft workshop, in a period when the Fascist regime damaging any business initiative.  Therefore, only with his son Francesco, who lived between 1930 and 2011 that things really changed. My grandfather felt that he could establish a modern company following the long dairy tradition of his father Domenico, with the will and the commitment not to take shortcuts.

My Grandfather Francesco and my grandmother Albertina love each other and work tirelessly. The early days were very hard, but their friendliness and energy are contagious, shopkeepers give him confidence, and consumers appreciate their products.
They try to  diversify themselves from their main competitors, introducing a new production line, specific for HO.RE.CA channel. The chain of fresh mozzarella, joins a new product, equipped with a more long-term and therefore specific to the world of catering.

Their eldest son, Domenico, grows and becomes an adult in a period of major change, quickly learns all the tricks of the trade and proudly earns the place of his father Francesco.

From the initiative and foresight of my father, it was inaugurated in 2001, a new plant that is the confirmation of the historical connection of my family with their territory .
Every idea you want to put in place is a new beginning: this is the spirit by which in 2007, we decided to take the first relationships with the global community, thus maturing, the decision to certify the company according to international standards of BRC with the ultimate aim of ensuring, as much to our Italian customers and to those of the foreign market, a high quality standard.

My family expresses its passion for cheese making room for improvement looking increasingly thin at the dawn of 2016, when after repeated and continuous experiments, comes our new production line, the progenitor of all of our cheese products: mozzarella San Francesco .
Fior di latte of the first milking, 100 % Molise milk, and with it a new marketing project, telling our story, made ??of real recipes and carefully preserved over time.

Today the company is directed by my father Domenico Perrella, with the support of allhis family.

We like to think that here tradition and innovation coexist harmoniously in the same place, the same in which our great grandfather decided to start with.



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