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Fresh mozzarella cheese log 1 kg (Filone)

Our mozzarella cheese log is made by curdled milk cow; It has an exceptional taste and is suitable to be served in different variations. Ideal for use in large scale and to be sliced ??and dosed for the line restaurants and pizzerias.



Pasteurized cow's milk, milk enzymes, salt, rennet, acidity regulator E 330


The materials used for the packaging are suitable for contact with foods. Our packaging have been designed to be packaged in a hermetically sealed manner various types of products, using a film of plastic material celluloso. All our trays, are also suitable for food material.
Our mozzarella is packed in a box of 3kg, vacuum controlled atmosphere or in liquid.


Biancospino Filone


Store at temperatures between + 1 ° and + 4 ° C Shelf life: 20 days

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